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Name: Richie Eisler
DOB: 01-07-1981
Nationality: Canadian
Location: Barcelona
Instagram: @reisler

Bio: It’s pretty simple. I just love blading.

What do you like about UC wheels? They’re the best wheels in the world. i can’t settle for anything less when it comes to the most important part of my blades…


Name: Nick Lomax
DOB: 26-07-1986
Nationality: English
Location: Manchester
Instagram: @nick_lomax

Bio: Pro inline Skater

What do you like about UC wheels? Amazing for Park, Street, long lasting, great colors and Amazing team. Also Undercover keep all riders involved and updated with new products and give you lots of time to test your new wheel ect. Best wheel there is!


Name: Dustin Werbeski
DOB: 05-14-1986
Nationality: Canadian
Location: Barcelona
Instagram: @werbeski

Bio: I’ve been juggling skating & photography for over 13 years. While every year both become more wired in, and a larger part of my life. I’ve been fully living the two for the last few years now, and look forward to my future with nothing else to do but living my dreams, and playing with my passions. dustinwerbeski.com

What do you like about UC wheels? I dig that delicious urethane. It doesn’t get any better.


Name: Roman Abrate
DOB: 11-16-1987
Nationality: French
Location: GAP, France
Instagram: @romanabrate

Bio: I started skating in 2003 in Fréjus (south of france) when I was 15 years old, now I spend all my time skating since completing my chef exam in 2008. In 2005 I started my pro career and travelled the world to all the biggest blading events such as the FISE, Winterclash, world finals, ASA, etc…. During this time I filmed different street sections with Adrien Anne for internet edits and DVDs like ‘Sans pretention” and “Game Theory”.

In 2011 I started to work on a new kind of skating inspired by the ski guys, since then I have enjoy my time with skiers and we are training together to get new spin tricks. In 2012, after a great year of competition, I finished 1st at the world ranking for the first time. I’m trying now to push my limit and bring some new tricks into our sport like i did in 2013 with the “Kangaroo flip” a the FASU or ” Double Cork” 1080 and 1260 on the big air at Woodward West.

After another good year, traveling the world, learning new tricks and getting more good results (like 1st place at the FISE Park and Slopestyle), I finished 1st for the second time in a row in the WRS world ranking.

Now I’m gonna try to keep this direction; having fun with my friends, traveling, meeting new people and pushing skating up with more Tv coverage and other new tricks! (more on romanabrate.com)

What do you like about UC wheels?

First, I have loved UC since the beginning, they make the best wheels and products of course but it’s also a great company, they are always working with the skaters and are not scared to take risks and to try new ideas and pruducts, and this is really cool!!

With Undercover, I have many choices of wheel, and if I want to skate park or street and they are all good quality, with different size and hardness. The wheels are really fast, it’s good for my kind of skating cause I need a lot of speed, and they are still strong. It’s great to get quality wheels like that, so when you are having fun during your session, you can stay focused on your tricks and you don’t need to worry about the rest!

I have been skating UC wheels for a long time now and I love them!


Name: Eugen Enin
DOB: 21-04-1991
Nationality: German
Location: Borken, Germany
Instagram: @eugenenin

Bio: I’m basically just a rollerblading addict. I have been doing it since I can remember but unfortunately got into street skating too late…That’s why I’m still developing. I simply love blading, hanging out with my crew and enjoying life.

What do you like about UC wheels? They are the longest lasting wheels and always have fresh designs and different colours.


Name: Carlos Bernal
DOB: 23-09-1990
Nationality: Spain
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Instagram: @carlosbernalinline

Bio: I’ve been skating since I was 9 years old, I started in park and two years later I started skating street. I spent the last 15 years skating and I never regret it, it’s my lifestyle and I am who I am thanks to skating. I hope I can keep the motivation and energy to skate for many more years to come!

What do you like about UC wheels? I love UC because they are the longest lasting wheels and the designs are always very original and colorful.

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